Our Process

We start with hand harvested high CBD hemp grown in Oregon by ODA (Oregon Dept. of Agriculture) licensed farmers. This hemp regularly tests in the 12-18% CBD range.

Extraction of the whole plant is completed with a food grade solvent. While the extract is suspended in a solvent solution, it's temperature is lowered so that plant fats are able to be filtered out. Next, 2 more filtration steps are completed to further remove unwanted compounds and the solvent is evaporated to yield a 65-85% primarily CBD-a oil. This oil is used to make our high CBD-a tinctures.

We decarboxylate this oil to convert the CBD-a to CBD. With heat and time, decarboxylation removes the carboxylic acid group from CBD-a, releasing CO2 and yielding CBD. From here, we use a proprietary process which either reduces or completely eliminates the THC.

In order to further refine the oil to a very high potency full spectrum oil, vacuum distillation is used to remove the higher boiling point compounds and yield a beautiful clear yellow oil. This 'distillate' can test anywhere between 80% and 96% as necessary. This is the oil used to make our tinctures which we mix with MCT oil, a highly refined form of coconut oil.

Finally, we take advantage of the CBD molecules behavior to isolate it from the other remaining compounds and produce a 99%+ pure CBD isolate.